Happy New Years 2010

Posted: 4 Januari 2010 in Personal
Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2007
Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

Happy new years everyone, it’s such a great morning and high spirit to post this new years greeting. I won’t feed you all up with any my new years resolution. But I have indeed, a few plan I made for my blog.

First of all, from this moment on, I will post in English, so pardon my grammar, there much to adapt in my English writing. Still, some of my old post will use Bahasa. Anyway this is not a promise, sometime I will use in Bahasa when it’s no way to tell the post in English.

Some of you may have heard we will not say 2010 “Two Thousand and Ten” but we will say it “Twenty Ten”, for more info yo can see it www.twentynot2000.com. I think you all will agree with this, image the time that will be efficient if you say it like that. Not, will that really matter.

Right now I also try this new cool firefox addon to write blog Zemanta, since i just try this i will give review to this addon latter, but in short this add on help you with recommended links, tags and also images. Cool huh.

Anyway that’s it for now folks, so once again happy new years, and do have pleasant morning.

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