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Posted: 5 Januari 2010 in IT & Computer, Personal, Web Application
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Starting this new year I just found out cool web application that can boost my productivity on time management. You can access it at , it’s a to do list that i found that is simple yet powerful.

I always write down my day to day to do job, including personal matter. Before I found TeuxDeux I use Microsoft Excel to do this. So let me tell you what TeuxDeux have in advantage:

  • Simple, the interface is so simple you will have a grip in no time
  • Online, you can take you To Do List everywhere, don’t need any hassle carrying usb everwhere yo go
  • Day-To-Day, it’s just what i need day-to-day to do list to note and make me remember
  • Someday, they even have someday group, so you can use it to make to do list you don’t know when
  • drag-and-drop, to move you to do list to anyday you can just drag and drop anywhere
  • cross, job done just click the job, this will mark that you have done your job, well done
  • ajax, you don’t have to save, it will automatically be saved

For me it’s important to keep track what I have done day to day, so it’s a very useful web application.

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