How To Give Suggestion to Boss

Posted: 19 Januari 2010 in Human Resources, Tips
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One of my friend this morning ask me what is the best way to give suggestion to your boss, and then I answer it’s very dependent, depend how is your boss, depend on what the things you want to suggest and depend on yourself. I mean it’s always different in every circumstances. Does your boss is the kind of person who willingly take advice, does the advice you gone give is sensitive matter, does you qualified enough to give that kind of suggestion, cause, sometime it’s hard to give marital advice, when you yourself have never been married.

Not very satisfied with my answer, then my friend ask again, what if it’s on general circumstances. So I reply his question with 4 simple step to give suggestion to your boss.

1. Private

To give suggestion to your boss, make sure you can talk with him/her privately, criticizing in front of everyone will be a slap on your boss face.

2.   Sincere

Make sure your boss know that you are sincere, that you only wanna help, that it for his/her best interest, that you mean nothing than for the good of the company. It’s always better if you apologize first.

3. Clear

Give your suggestion or advice with strong and approved evidence, source or precedent. Make sure your boss will understand the choice that he/she make, whatever the result is.

4. It’s Your Boss Decision

Last but not least, make sure your boss understand that in the end it’s his/her decision, and whatever decision that he/she made, you will support along the way.

If you follow this simple step, I think at least you can state your mind to your boss, and there is big chance that she/he will take your advice.

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